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          In the early morning of September 5, Messi officially announced that he would stay in Barcelona and leave the team freely in the next summer. It is also helpless to make such a decision, because before the announcement of the decision, the Messi team just declared that the default fine of 700 million euro was invalid, and the La Liga official immediately responded that Messi could not leave the team in his free body this summer, and the 700 million penalty clause is still valid. Messi decided to stay in the team soon after the air rumors, which also means that there is only a contractual relationship between Barca and Messi. As a professional player, he will try his best to complete the new season, but it is absolutely impossible to renew his contract.



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          As a matter of fact, Chelsea are not to be ignored as a title contender. The new signings already in place this summer are zieh from Ajax, with a transfer fee of 38 million pounds. Werner, who was introduced from Leipzig, received a transfer fee of 53 million pounds. Chilwell was introduced from Leicester City for a transfer fee of 50 million pounds. Haverts was brought in from Leverkusen for a transfer fee of 90 million pounds, in addition to the signing of Tiago Silva and sal of Paris. At present, the Blues have already spent 231 million pounds, which also broke the record of city spending 227 million pounds in a single window in 2017. However, it is possible for Chelsea to introduce new goalkeepers in the future, so that more can be achieved.

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