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          As a matter of fact, Chelsea are not to be ignored as a title contender. The new signings already in place this summer are zieh from Ajax, with a transfer fee of 38 million pounds. Werner, who was introduced from Leipzig, received a transfer fee of 53 million pounds. Chilwell was introduced from Leicester City for a transfer fee of 50 million pounds. Haverts was brought in from Leverkusen for a transfer fee of 90 million pounds, in addition to the signing of Tiago Silva and sal of Paris. At present, the Blues have already spent 231 million pounds, which also broke the record of city spending 227 million pounds in a single window in 2017. However, it is possible for Chelsea to introduce new goalkeepers in the future, so that more can be achieved.


          Relevant professionals once thought that Messi's physical fitness and running ability were seriously insufficient, and that the team where Messi was in was equal to the lack of half a person. In addition, they also determined that there was no place for Messi in the current elite teams. It is unexpected that Manchester City dare to make such a bold attempt. If Messi finally arrives, it can test whether the professional's prediction is accurate.

          It will take time for Chelsea to bring in a lot of reinforcements this summer, with new goalkeepers still in the works. At present, Chelsea are ready and the new players have their own number. Last summer, plicic put on the No. 10 shirt left by Azar and William. It seems that his performance last season is worthy of his reputation. Therefore, in the new season's game, plicic is also expected.






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