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          In fox city's 1-3 defeat of Manchester City, VALDI took the lead to break the goal, but then maheres shot into the net, Sein Ju Pian into the net, the opponent's luck is really good. At the end of the first half, it was because Pereira fouled sterling in the penalty area and sent a penalty, which made the team from the lead to be countered. It can be seen that Fox city always makes mistakes when facing strong teams, which is the most fatal point. Chilwell also had four steals, one break and two fouls.



          100 words of Thailand's local conditions and customs


          In recent days, the market is cloudy and sunny. In terms of the Shanghai Composite Index, it has been adjusted horizontally for 18 trading days after the upward volume breakthrough on August 28, and the index has tossed back and forth in the space of less than 50 points; Shenzhen market is better, with the Shenzhen Chengzhi index as an example, after the 8.28 breakthrough, it has risen step by step, from 10800 to 11200, which has risen by nearly 400 points.


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