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          Now the market is a bit like entering the stage of strategic deadlock, with limited range. Sooner or later, it will face a directional choice. Large cycle plate, drunk wine and steel is also a leading plate.

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          A portrait of ROSI

          In fact, the goal was related to the fact that the team's overall defense could not resolve the danger near the forbidden area. Instead, it failed to resolve the danger at the first time, but gave Brighton the opportunity to attack continuously. The biggest problem of the game is that the accuracy of the pass is very low, especially in the first half of the game, the number of passes directly to the opponent is a lot. It's right for players to pass and move quickly after they get the ball, but it's a bit humiliating to always give it to the opponent's feet. In addition, the short pass cooperation between several middle and front court players is OK, but the transfer ball and long pass are very bad, so the loss of the ball right constantly, which is not only in the new comers of the team, so it can be seen that the new starting lineup is not perfect.


          From today's disk view, Vanke led real estate stocks are relatively bright spot. Vanke rose in the intraday, with the largest increase of nearly 9%. Vanke's performance made many related parties a little embarrassed, because the trend of Vanke fully showed that Yao Zhenhua of Baoneng and Xu Jiayin of Evergrande had very good investment vision.




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